Saturday, October 7th
9:45 am - Opening
10:00 am - Dave Stout
12:00 noon - Baby Apple Cheeks
2:00 pm Wild World of Animals
4:00 - 6:00 pm - Dallas Marks

Sunday October 8th
10:45 - Welcome
11:00 am - Non-Denominational Church Service
12:45 pm - Delmont Jazz Band
2:00 pm - Wild World of Animals
3:00 - 5:00 pm - The Bricks

Jan's Barnyard Petting Zoo
Train Rides by Triple "A" Express
Silly Scarecrow Maze
Paint a Pumpkin
Children's Wild Apple Sling Shot

Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment Association

Daily Tractor Parade at 1:00 pm Daily (Weather Permitting)
Farm Tractor Pull Demonstrations 2:00 pm Saturday (Weather Permitting)
Garden Tractor Pull Demonstrations 11:00 am Sunday (Weather Permitting)


Dave Stout

Dave Stout is a solo country singer/songwriter from Penn Township.  He currently has five albums available to stream on all major platforms.  His influences such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash have made for rich storytelling in his songs.
Dallas marks

Dallas Marks Band

Named for his frontman and lead singer, Dallas Marks evolved into a household name since making his debut eighteen years ago.  Invoking a sound drawn from a wide array of musical genres, the band includes a little bit of everything.
Dallas Marks is a self-styled Top 40 Country act with the grit, twang, and tasty guitar licks, but a proficient display of both classic and southern rock tunes is managed without sacrificing integrity or fidelity.  In an era overpopulated with lead singers, Marks is like a breath of fresh air. The end result of this assemblage of fine musicians is a sublime musical soup concoction, a bricolage of success.

The Bricks

We are an acoustic Trio who grew up in the 70's (some would challenge that we never really grew up) when singer/songwriters were king. and the music was timeless.  We really cover a lot of ground, but we focus mainly on classic hits, and "B" side tunes that you probably forgot about over the years.  It is our mission to remind you of these tunes and restore some memories that may have faded.  If you lived in the 70's, you know what we mean.