Board Members

The Delmont Apple ‘n Arts Festival would not be possible without our Board Members.  Thank you to all the people who give of their time and talents to make the festival a yearly success!
The board meets the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. If interested in joining, contact us – we’d love to have you!
  • President:  Brandy Walters
  • Vice President:  Corey Noel
  • Treasurer:  William J. Bilo
  • Secretary: Andrea Shissler
  • Craft & Artisans & Food Concessions:  Vicki Walters
  • Entertainment:  Cheryl & JR Thomas
  • Banner Sponsorship:  Sharon Yezerski
  • Baby Apple Cheeks: Christine Fox
  • Fort Allen, Tractor Events, Apple Cider: Wilbur Weaver & Harvey Bush
  • Advertising & Marketing: Brandy Walters, Sharon Yezerski & Christine Fox 
  • Boy Scouts:  George Caldwell
  • Misc.:  Jack Tickle, Logan Clark
JR and Cheryl Thomas, Chairmen, Entertainment
JR and Cheryl Thomas, Chairmen, Entertainment
Bill Bilo, Treasurer
Bill Bilo, Treasurer
Vicki Walters, Food Vendors
Vicki Walters, Food Vendors
Brandy Walters, President
Christine Fox, Tribune Review & Baby Apple Cheeks
Christine Fox,  Baby Apple Cheeks
George Caldwell: Boy Scouts
George Caldwell, Boy Scouts
Pat & Harvey Busch, Ft. Allen
Pat & Harvey Busch, Ft. Allen

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