Love to bake?  If you’re a master in the kitchen, enter the prestigious Delmont Apple ‘n Arts Festival Apple Bake contest.

When: Sunday, October 8th, 2017 at 11am
  • Recipe must be included
  • Must be homemade
  • Must include fresh apples as the main ingredient


Two Ways to Register
    1. Mail name, address, and phone number to: Apple Bake Contest, Tracy Kay 16 Freeport Street Delmont, PA 15626
    2. Fill out the online form below.

DANA Apple Bake

Apple Bake Contest 2017

Submit your recipe for the 2017 Delmont Apple 'n Arts Festival Apple Bake Contest! If you have questions about the Apple Bake, please contact
  • Please share step-by-step instructions for your delicious apple recipe.

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